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Scar Revision

Thankfully, in some circumstances, Illinois workers compensation compensates injured workers for things beyond the physical function of a body part. 

llinois workers comp provides compensation for "any serious and permanent disfigurement to the hand, head, face, neck, arm, leg below the knee or the chest above the axillary line." For axillary line, think armpits. 

However, there's no compensation for disfigurement where there is also compensation for loss of use, like in a situation where a shoulder surgery leaves a scar.

Of course, then the issue is "what counts as "serious" disfigurement? I have seen people compensated for relatively minor scars. The most common time we see compensation for disfigurement comes with burns, or occasionally cuts and lacerations outside of surgery. In these instances, the nastier and more prominent the scar, the more the case is worth.

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