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Permanent Total Disability


Unfortunately, sometimes work injuries are so severe or take so much away from a person that they are unable to work for the foreseeable future.

When someone is permanently unable to work due to a work injury, they are entitled to 2/3 of their average weekly wage for the rest of their lives. Not only that, there are cost of living adjustments that are made periodically, so that you don't have to live on today's wages forever.

This can also include people who can still find occasional work, but that there is realistically no stable job market for their skills within their restrictions. These folks can often get permanent total disability benefits under the "odd lot" doctrine. To do so, they will also need to show that they made a diligent job search and will likely need the help of a vocational counselor.

In settling these cases, insurance companies like to do so at a significant discount from what you would get if you won at trial and got weekly benefits. You and your attorney should discuss the pros and cons of any lump-sum offer to determine whether it's in your best interests.

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