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How to Pick a Lawyer

Trust is a must!

The Right Experience for Your Case

Experience Matters

You want to know something weird? In Iowa, attorneys are forbidden from advertising that they are "experienced." It's true - link here!  

Nevertheless, it's important that the lawyer you choose has the relevant experience to handle your case and handle it well. Ask about past experiences with cases like yours. Ask whether they specialize or limit their practice to certain areas. There is no magic number of years practicing or number of cases taken to trial that determines who is a good attorney. 

To learn about attorney Zimmerle's experience, click here.

The Right Fit for You

Your Comfort Matters

Your relationship with your attorney is very important! You have to trust them to listen to you and have your best interests at heart. You may be working closely on your case with them for years. With the wrong fit, you may not have the best experience.

You want a lawyer who will listen to you. Who will ask you questions. If you feel like just a file or just a number, you're in the wrong place. You want a lawyer who will explain things to you - and not in too lawyerly of a way, but also not like you're a toddler. You want responsiveness. You want someone who cares.

You have to trust them. 

Is Zimmerle Law the Right Fit?

Good Question

Only you can answer that. If you want a small law firm that is friendly and responsive to you, that's us. We specialize in injury cases so we can do one thing and do it well. We know the insurance companies' playbook from experience. Our job is to help you. I've been told I'm "not scary" but in a good way. We also leverage the latest technology to help us be efficient throughout your case. Not sure we're the right fit? Give us a call.

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