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Knee injuries

Knee injuries stink. Crutches stink. I've been there.

When we talk about the value of a workers comp case in Illinois, we look at three different things - how much money you made in an average week before the injury, the part of the body that was hurt, and the nature and extent of the injury. This means how bad the injury was, whether you still have symptoms, whether it affects your ability to do your job, whether you had surgery, etc. 

Most parts of the body are assigned a number of weeks. For example, if you had your leg amputated, you would be entitled to 60% of your average weekly wage for 215 weeks. Of course, do the math and you'll see that workers comp is better than nothing, but doesn't come close to making up for what your leg SHOULD be worth.

Knee injuries end up with a percentage of what the whole leg is worth, in other words, a percentage of 215 weeks at 60%. ACL tears tend to be worth more than meniscus tears. Fractures, dislocations, muscle and tendon tears all vary widely depending on how serious they are.

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