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Yes, you can afford us!

We take nearly all of our cases on a "contingency basis". This means we only make money if you do. If we don't win or settle the case, you owe us nothing.


More detail about our fees:

  • Most personal injury, car accident and medical malpractice cases, we charge 1/3 of the recovery, plus reimbursement of our case costs. Many firms charge 40% or more - not us!

  • For nursing home cases, we also charge 1/3 of the settlement, award or verdict, plus reimbursement of our case costs. In Illinois, successful nursing home jury verdicts may also include awards for attorney's fees and costs - so you may pay nothing at all!

  • Our fees for Illinois workers comp cases are 20% of what we get you, plus reimbursement of our costs. We do not take a fee for offers you already have before you see us. We also don't take a fee for anything the employer pays voluntarily, like TTD payments when you are off work or medical bills we don't have to fight for. In rare cases involving certain specific injuries or in really huge cases, we may charge even less. 

  • I keep saying "case costs". I know some of you are saying "that's vague - that's how they get you". Not true. We make no money on costs we advance. We just make sure that your case rolls along smoothly and has what it needs along the way. This includes costs for getting medical records, filing fees, service fees, deposition costs, medical or expert witness charges and things like that. We understand that case costs come out of what you get, so we do our best to keep them low - but we don't skimp on things like quality exhibits or experts. We won't be outgunned by rich insurance companies or fancy defense firms.

  • In some cases, we do work on an hourly rate fee. Those are rare for us, and we would be sure to agree to that at the outset and have a serious discussion as to the expected fees before we started work.

Virtual Appointments and More

We have an office - and we like it. But this is the digital post-covid world, so we can also set many appointments and have you sign things without leaving your house or office. We have a client portal that lets you text us and send us documents or pictures through your phone. Come see us - or not! Either way we can help.

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